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Colex Cut Center Software
The Colex Digital Vision Registration System allows you to finish a wide range of substrates from simple rectangular signs to complex contours, lettering, engraving and 3D applications. IMPORT FILTERS Colex Cut Center offers a wide variety of file import filters - vector and bitmap formats that supports: *.PDF, *.DXF, *.AI, *.WMF, *.EPS, *.PLT, *.IK, *.C DR, *.CMX, and *.HPGL.
The SharpCut, powered by Colex Cut Center, can read any diameter registration mark, crop mark or square resulting in highly efficient production. The Colex Cut Center Vision Registration corrects distortions by adjusting each point of your cut path independently. Distortions commonly found in flexible substrates, films, laminated graphics and textiles are automatically compensated and aligned perfectly.  RIP EXCHANGE FORMATS CUT I-Cut (up to Version 6.5) OXF Colex Cut Center, Caldera, Cadlink, ColorGATE, Wasatch, Onyx, SAI. ZCC Zund Cut Center OXX Colex Cut Center xml, EFI, Multivisioncutter XML All RIP Software PDF Prepare It, Esko Workflow Suite
REGISTRATION CAMERA High Resolution Camera reads registration marks quickly and easily delivering efficient, reliable vision registration. Optimally positioned allowing sufficient clearance to accept materials up to 50mm/2” thick. Automatically reads registration marks on high gloss media without any camera adjustments. OVERCUT COMPENSATION When cutting certain materials, there is an overcut at the corners. The length of these overcuts depends on the knife that is being used. The overcut feature within the software, automatically compensates for a perfect cut.


EDGE RECOGNITION The Edge Recognition allows the camera to read corners of the media on various material that create visibility issues (i.e. cardboard, retro reflective, etc).
MATERIALS LIBRARY Colex Cut Center includes a continually expanding material library in addition to the pre-existing library. Allows operator to create custom profiles to suit specific workflow. Create and store individual settings for specific media and tools that are cut on a repeated basis. Time saving feature that executes multiple actions at a click of a button.
Examples of Colex Cut Centre optical marks recognition.
SOFTWARE (OPTIONAL) CAD & Graphic Systems Compatible 3D Software 2D Software Packaging Design Software And more The SharpCut is compatible with 3rd party software that avoids the “lock-in trap” and allows the ability to expand for future workflow.
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