Océ Colorado 1640 In-line with the Fotoba XLD 170 High Speed Cutter, Motorised Stacker & Adjustable Height Collector The Fotoba XLD170 & ST 170 Output Stacker Inline with the Colorado 1640
Technical Specifications Max cutting width: 170cm/67in. Min cutting width: 28cm/11in. Collecting plane max lenght: 300cm Net Weight: 120 + 235Kg Gross Weight: 254 + 425Kg Dimensions: 344x182x108h Shipping Dimensions: 200x86x144h 202x202x77h


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The Océ Colorado 1640 printer in combination with the Fotoba XLD170 and the ST170 motorised stacker in-line makes a seamless high speed production system from printing to finished product. The Fotoba cutter and motorised stacker table allows unattended printing and finishing of the media and removes the need for the operator to handle the media for finishing. The Fotoba will automatically regulate its speed depending on the speed of the Colorado. The Fotoba In-line Finishing System is also capable of pausing the printer during production. Océ Colorado 1640 & Fotoba XLD170 inline
The Stacker unit has fixed floor mounted rails so it can be withdrawn from the XLD170 cutter for easy access the the vertical slicer units for setting up.

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