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EngView Library of Resizable Designs 1,500 RESIZABLE TEMPLATES BOXES & POS/POP DISPLAYS READY TO GO New Version 6, MAC & PC Compatible Searchable Electronic Catalogue. From one design, multiple variations with completely different sizes can be created. Libraries for different materials - folding, corrugated or Falconboard® Every change in the material thickness is reflected automatically in the design. The drawing can be exported in CFF2, DDES,AI, PDF, EPS,DXF,DWG and other files fomats
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The following are samples from the EngView Library of Resizable Designs:
Bar Table Shelf Display
Tray with Self Locking Wall and Hinged Lid Stand Display with Six Cell Tray
Regular Tuck Lock - Snap Lock Unglued Self-Locking with Four Walls -Shelf Display
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