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Technical Specifications Max cutting width: 170cm/67in. Max roll diameter allowed: 60cm Max roll weight allowed: 400Kg Net Weight: 250Kg Gross Weight: 602Kg Dimensions: 129x236x109h Shipping Dimensions: 263x128x135h JRU170 Motorised Feeder Fotoba JRU170 Motorised Feeder for HP Latex 3500 Series
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Jumbo Roll motorised feeder to work with  HP Latex 3500 series Printers. Validated HP Solution.




Unwinding heavy rolls to feed the XLD170 series Fotoba cutters.


The JRU170 is fully compatible with HP Latex 3500 take up spindles.




High volume production requires fast and easy finishing.


  • Complete workflow: The JRU170 will feed a 200kg full roll into any Fotoba cutter for finishing up to 1000                                    linear m/hour.


  • One move only: One operator can move a HP LX 3500 spindle straight to the Fotoba cutting station. The JRU170 can carry and feed up to 200kg for continuous and fast finishing.


  • LX 3500 overnight printing: LX3500 produces two full rolls each up to 800 metres. One XLD Cutter can finish both complete rolls within a morning, while the printer moves onto printing the next two rolls of optimal production.  This can all be achieved within one shift by a single operator.


  • Easy loading: The dancing roller of the compensation buffer allows a fast and easy loading of the roll media.




         Why print on jumbo rolls


          if you cannot finish them?



Fotoba JRU170 Motorised Unwinder for Jubo Rolls

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