The MS JP7 Printer In-line with the Fotoba XLD 170 High Speed Cutter, Motorised Stacker & Adjustable Height Collector
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Fotoba have recently developed a finishing solution to work with the high speed "Fast on Paper System" from MBA, incorporating the MS JP7 printer.


This printing and finishing system is 2.5 times faster than the HP Turbojet and is well suited as a replacement to the ageing Turbojets.


The "Fast on Paper System" with the MS JP7 printer incorporates a bulk roll feeder that can hold up to 8km of offset paper, a high efficiency IR dryer, and the Fotoba in-line cutting system for continuous production.


The MS JP7 is a proven technology with over a hundred units installed in the textile market worldwide. This technology has been adapted to work with the Isonik PGK21 water based inks, giving a production speed 2.5 times faster than the HP TJ8300 Turbojet.


The Fotoba In-line Finishing System is also capable of pausing the printer during production.


The Isonik PGK21 Inks are suitable for Outdoor Billboard applications as well as Bill Posters, Wallpaper, Packaging, Backlits etc.



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