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T00112 C02 LASER AIR COOLED Laser for textiles/ fabrics, acrylics, wood, and More. (40 Watt Synrad)
T00120 FIXED DOUBLE-EDGE KNIFE Used for thick vinyl foil, card stock, chip board, thick laminate, magnetic foil, membrane foil, mat cutting and expanded PVC.
T00130 CREASING WHEEL For folding hard card stock, carton and corrugated media.
T00135 KISS-CUTTING KNIFE Used for pressure sensitive labels, decals and vinyl cutting.
T00138 CORREX/CORRUGATED KNIFE (For Tight Curves) Used for Correx up to 3mm material, vinyl, card stock 1mm, corrugated, framing carton, paper stock, banner and vinyl media.
T00139 UNIVERSAL SINGLE-EDGE KNIFE (Straight Edge) Used for Foam Board up to 6mm, 3mm & 6mm Foamex.
T00140 V-CUT KNIFE Use for triple wall corrugated, Falcon Board and Honeycomb Board up to 1/2” for 90° .
T00141 UNIVERSAL DRAWING TOOL Can be used to draw or plot simple text as well as applying lines and marks with a pen. Drawing can occur in any direction or at any angle in a variety of thicknesses. Ballpoint refills are available in red, black or blue.
T00144 PERFORATING WHEEL Used to create a tear or folding line in paper, vinyl, card stock or carton.
T00150 ROUTER Router Spindle – 3HP 24,000 rpm (Available in 1.3hp, 3hp, and 5hp)
T00126 OSCILLATING KNIFE, STANDARD, 1.5mm Stroke Used to cut media such as corrugated stock, thicker grades of Foam Board, Honey Comb Board, Styrofoam and more. T00127 OSCILLATING KNIFE, LONG STROKE, 3mm Stroke Specially designed to cut foam media from 1” to 2” thick.
T00143 ROTARY KNIFE (Motorized) This tool utilizes a 10-sided cutting wheel to cut textiles, fabrics, and other fibrous materials. The cutting wheel rotates to glide through these materials producing a clean cut at high rates of speed.
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